Will I be sharing a bathroom?The bathroom is shared between the three rooms.

Yes. Our three rooms share a common bathroom. In our experience, this is very rarely a problem. If you have a pressing schedule, we encourage you to talk with the other guests. This is part of the social  atmosphere of our inn.



What’s for breakfast?

We provide the Fruit for Breakfast Smalleringredients for you to fix yourself a light, continental breakfast. Our bread comes from local bakeries, the jam is local as well. Cage-free brown eggs (often local – from our neighbors!) give you the protein you need. Organic oats for oatmeal makes a hearty, wholesome start to the day. The fruit bowl is always well-stocked. Fair trade coffee and a variety of teas are available.

The kitchen is open to our guests 24 hours, by the way. Except for a microwave, it’s fully equipped for making full meals or simple snacks.


Where’s the television?

We don’t provide television. While there are many good reasons for this, it simply boils down to the kind of atmosphere we’re committed to creating. We want to encourage people to be out in common space talking, playing games and getting to know each other.

Having said that, we do provide excellent wi-fi connection, so you can use your personal devices to stay connected.

I’m allergic to X! Can you help me?

We have limited ability to meet dietary needs, if you let us know well in advance. We can supply gluten-free bread, for example. We cannot assure you that other travelers won’t have allergen-prone food in the kitchen, though. We have a house cat (or she has us), who isn’t allowed into the inn area, but is quicker and cleverer than we are, so on rare occasions circumvents this. For most people with cat allergies, this seems to be fine.

What about pets?

Hmm. . . dogs are negotiable. We want to talk to the owner and get a feel for the possible impact on our other guests. If your dog is fairly prone to barking, this may not be the best place. Dogs that chew need to stay elsewhere. If we do accept your dog, we require that you don’t leave your pet unattended.

We charge a $20 cleaning fee for any pet. We’ll refund $10 of it afterwards (by cash, check or credit card) if the room and house are in good condition.

We’ve never had anyone ask about a cat staying. We would probably say no, due to how many people have cat allergies. We would likely say no to any other animal you might want to bring. Sorry, tarantula owners!

Service dogs are, of course, the exception to this!

Can I smoke?

We don’t permit smoking in any of our rooms, or inside the house. You can smoke on the back deck, or at the outside tables.

Can I have extra people?

We have single air mattresses that we can put in either Piedmont or Tidewater (it’s a VERY tight fit to put it in Blue Ridge, but we have done it).  We charge $10 for the extra person.


Anything else?

If we haven’t covered something you’re wondering about, leave us a message below or email us, and we’ll add it in.

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  1. Flame, we will be recommending your b & b to our friends who come to C’ville once in a while. Here’s my question: if a family comes and wants to have the whole house for a long weekend, say two weekdays and the weekend, or possibly for a whole week, would there be a lowered rate for those situations?

    1. We often give a 10% discount when local people book for out-of-town friends and family. We could certainly offer a little more for renting the whole inn for several days. For now, just call us to arrange this. When we figure out our technology, we may be able to set this up to do online.

  2. Hello there! Your bed and breakfast looks wonderful! I have a question on the cancellation policy. If I cancel a week before the reservation will I be able to get a full refund? My parents are not sure if they are able to get off of work for a family friends wedding. Please let me know:)

    1. Hi Paula,

      Thanks for asking! For individual rooms, we ask for 48 hour notice of cancellation. If you cancel in less time, we charge the first night’s stay. For whole inn rentals, we ask for 2 weeks’ notice, or again we charge the first night.

      Hope that helps!


  3. We are excited to see Monticello! Is there a Washer/Dryer available? You are the middle of an 8 day trip and it would be nice to not have to pack so much. Or is there a laundry facility nearby? Thanks

    1. Thanks for asking. We offer laundry service for $5 per load – washed, dried and folded. There’s also two laundromats within a mile of us – one open 24 hours.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for asking. We require a conversation before deciding on pets. The best thing to do is call us. We’re looking at how well the dog does with other people and any issues around chewing or soiling. We also require that the dog not be left alone in the guesthouse – if the guest goes out, the dog needs to, too. Fortunately, this is a pretty dog-friendly town, so there are a number of places to go with your pet.

      Finally, we do ask for a $20 cleaning deposit, $10 of which is refundable on checkout.

      So the next step would be to call us at 434-933-2471.

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