Travels with Flame and Raven

Flame and Raven at Hunter-Gatherer Pub in Columbia, SC
Flame and Raven at Hunter-Gatherer Pub in Columbia, SC

Flame and I love travelling, and the inn has given us the opportunity to do so. This week, we’re on a road trip down to Tallahassee to see Flame’s sister. We’ve passed through Greensboro, NC, and are staying tonight in Columbia, SC. Here’s today’s discoveries.

20150103_131238Lunch today was at the Iron Hen in Greensboro. Locally owned (of course), it focuses on local, fair trade and/or organic foods. We loved this place, which will likely become a regular when we travel this way.

Salami Bowl
Flame ordered the day’s special, a salami-bowl breakfast – very paleo.

Deep Roots Market
I’m passionate about any form of cooperative business, so while in Greensboro, we had to stop at the Deep Roots Market, a coop grocery store. Definitely the place to shop in town. One of my few regrets about Charlottesville is the lack of a cooperative grocery.

We’re staying tonight in our first Airbnb space. I’m hoping our guests are as pleased with us as we are about our host tonight! Airbnb will definitely become a regular part of our travel plans.

Hunter Gatherer Brewery

Dinner was at the Hunter-Gatherer Brewery. Flame’s duck breast and my chicken thighs were both excellent, as was the Ye Olde Basterde stout. Ironically, it was a bit difficult managing a paleo diet at the Hunter Gatherer, but the food was more than worth it. Flame’s quote of the month – “I prefer my carbs in a glass!”

That’s it for our first day of travel. Tomorrow, Tallahassee!